Beneath the city lights in the depths of subterranean Newcastle lies the beating heart of culture and voice. Where the dreamers become doers, the thinkers become changers and the people of yesterday, become the people of tomorrow.

We welcome you to the WC, changing perceptions and people since 1898.

In 1898, with Queen Victoria still on the throne and the North booming with newfound industry, a water closet was installed for the people of Newcastle. Found below a cascading set of stairs and placed inside a market filled with life, it was yet to become the abandoned WC people remember so well.

For 6 years lying dormant, the site went untouched, patiently waiting for a new purpose.

The public passed by, the city grew stronger and the nightlife blossomed around it.

It only took a local pair of eyes to see the potential hidden beneath the glass ceiling.